GlamThrill Temporary Pastel Hair Color

  • $9.99

Enjoy one of our latest additions to the GlamThrill product line here at James Paul Goods. Now you can add stylish temporary highlights of pink, green, blue or purple. 


Why chose GlamThrill Temporary Pastel Hair Color?

✔ Style: There is no better way to express your personality than to add a splash of color to your hair. Not only is it liberating, it also a lot of fun. 

Convenience: Now you can apply hair color on your own by simply using our clamshell dye cases that make applying the color a snap

✔ Ease of use: Oftentimes with other hair color products, the application process is very messy. With the GlamThrill applicators, you'll be able to clamp a strand of hair and pull downward to easily apply the color without a lot of fuss. 

Washable: Probably the greatest benefit of this product is the ability to simply shampoo it out when you are ready. There is no need to get married to a color as your needs change. 

Value: The can't beat the cost of the GlamThrill Temporary Pastel Hair Color as compared to beauty salon prices. Now you'll be empowered to choose the color you want, when you want it