Aroadma Luxury Auto Fragrance Diffuser

  • $19.95


Why choose Aroadma?

 Aesthetics: Let's face it, having a fragrance tree or a jar hanging from your rearview mirror isn't the classiest. AROADMA is a sleek, matte finish design to compliment even the finest of auto interiors.

 Reusable: Rather than tossing out your car fragrance each time your scent fades, AROADMA is designed as a reusable aluminum diffuser outer shell with a replaceable scent core

 On-Demand: We are disrupting the auto fragrance industry with on demand car scents. Like clockwork, each month, we will send you an email reminder to reorder your diffuser scent core.

 AromaticWhether you are trying to cover up unpleasant car smells such as smoke, food or just plain funk, AROADMA's aromatic scent cores work to neutralize these odors while stimulating your senses.

 Durable: Not only is our fragrance diffuser stylish, it's also quite durable. Built of sturdy grade aluminum, it serves as the perfect reusable enclosure for our aromatic scent cores.

MoodCountless studies have linked happiness and energy to certain fragrances such as lavender, lemon or the cologne. We curate the best scents so you can be your best.

 Affordable: Most consumers spend way too much on car fragrances because they are purchased on impulse from the worst places like high priced convenience stores, grocery stores or even more expensive retail chains. We're here to fix that.

Installation Instructions:

1. With the diffuser in hand, simply twist the end cap.

2. Pull the end cap off of the diffuser. 

3. Insert the solid fragrance core into the diffuser.

4. Replace the end cap on the diffuser and you are ready to enjoy. 

The Aroadma Luxury Auto Fragrance Diffuser is artfully designed and built of a sturdy aviation aluminum alloy material. Now all automobile drivers can experience luxury car fragrance by simply attaching the stylish diffuse to the AC car vent of your choice. 

The outer alloy reusable diffuser has fragrance inserts that last 30 to 60 days on average. This allows you to realize a better value for your fragrance needs because you'll no longer have to purchase your auto fragrance at high cost retailer establishments like a gas station or grocery store.