Smart LED Night Light with Sensor Control

  • $12.95

The Smart LED Night Light is the way to light intelligently with its built-in light sensor. The light will automatically turn on at night and turn off in the day time.

The night light brightness will change according to the brightness of the environment. The beam provides 360 degrees light display while taking up very little space. 

Great lighting and decor for bedroom, living room, hallway, stairs, or even a kitchen to help you grab that midnight snack.


Why choose this Smart LED Night Light?

 Safety: It's obviously a whole lot easier to see at night with a night light on. You can prevent unnecessary falls or injuries from not having appropriate lighting if you need to get up during the night.   

 Control: With the aid of the light sensor, you'll have peace in knowing your night light will automatically come on once the light is needed. 

 Aesthetics: Sure, there are a lot of night lights in the marketplace, but none with quite the design symmetry and comforting soft light tone as the Smart LED Night Light. 

 Calming: If you are in need of a night light to calm your little ones, this Smart LED Nigh Light is sure to do the trick. It provides a balanced light to give them a sense of comfort so they'll be able to drift off to sleep.  

 Easy to use: Simple plug the night light into the electrical outlet and you are ready to go. The light will turn on when it becomes dark and turn off when it is light.

Choose the color that best suits your application.