Spring Retractable Cord Organizer

  • $12.95

The Spring Retractable Cord Organizer is an awesome addition for any phone, tablet or computer user. How many times have you reached for your headphones only to find the cord is in a tangled knot? Now you will be able to effortlessly retract the cord from this stylistic and smart device.
Simply pull the cord from the organizer container and the spring will release. To reinstall the cord, simply fold you cord in half and loop the middle over the spring hook within cord organizer. Pull back slightly and the cord will contract inside the order. That's it!

Why choose the Spring Retractable Cord Organizer?

 Aesthetics: The clean minimalist lines of the cord container has a polished exterior and sleek design. 

 Functional: Rather than wasting time untangling knotted cords, now you can enjoy fast access to your headphones or charging cords with a simple pull to release them for use. 

 Organized: One of the most challenging aspects of the tech world is knowing where your cords are when you need them. The cord organizer enables you to store your cords neatly in a pocket, book bag, desk drawer, or car. 

 Automatic: With the spring retractable core, it enables you to effortlessly consume or retrieve your cords without hand winding

 Value: Your cord life will be extended because you'll no longer be putting unnecessary stress on your cords be tying then in knots to stow away. 



How to use: