USB LED Mini Flexible Reading Light

  • $9.95

The USB LED Mini Reading Light is a perfect addition to any laptop user's accessories. Now you'll be able to work in bed or on a flight without disturbing others near you. The LED light array is very targeted due to the flexible material surrounding the USB cable. 



 CONVENIENT: The compact design of the USB LED light can be simply stored in your book bag, drawer or on your desk. 

 EASE OF USE : There are no wires, switches or bulbs to change. Simply insert the the USB LED light into the USB port and you are in business. 

 HIGH QUALITY:  The super durable flexible rubber construction of the USB LED light is able to withstand heavy utilization. 

 ADAPTABLE:  The USB LED light can be inserted into any USB port to be illuminated, such as a car, power cell, or hotel room ports. 

✔ LONG LASTING: On unique characteristic of LED bulbs is their extended lifespan over traditional bulbs.  

 PACKAGE CONTENTS : USB LED light and no cords.

 LIMITED SUPPLY: This product is a Spot Sale Item, so get yours while supplies last.